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This is the main page of the ltraf project. I know it's not very stylish but I'll try to improve it in the near future. To download the newest release of the project please visit the downloads section.

The main goal of the project is to give systems administrators a chance to visualize the traffic flow through a linux based computer's network interface in real time. There are a number of projects that can do similar things (and even more) so you might want to try IPTraf or tcpdump but they are a bit different. I'll let you decide which is best for you.


2005-04-27: Version 0.2.1-pre1 released. The new release has very few new features but contains an important bugfix.
2005-11-10: Version 0.2.2-beta2 released. It is a beta release, containing a lot of new code, new features and hopefully not too many bugs.
2007-01-05: Released a snapshot of version 0.2.4. A few new features, some documentation ... Enjoy ...

Future plans:

Latest release:ltraf-0.2.1-pre1md5sum
Release date:2005-04-27
Latest beta release:ltraf-0.2.2-beta2md5sum
Beta release date:2005-11-10
Prevoius snapshot:ltraf-0.2.4md5sum
Snapshot date:2007-01-05
Latest snapshot:ltraf-0.2.5md5sum
Snapshot date:2007-10-09

If you have questions, problems, suggestions you can contact me at crash[at]klamzi[dot]hu

Last update: 2005-04-27 23:21:00 CET